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5 Reasons Why Your Lincolnshire Business Needs Brand Photography

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Nicola Auckland Brand Photographer sits looking to camera with camera and books beside her.
Professional Brand Photographs are always unique to your business and uniquely yours

You own a business doing what you love, you've got a functional website, you've signed up to all the right social media channels, you're even making dancing TikTok's - but you still feel a bit meh about your brand identity.

Sure, you've got a great logo and you love your colour palette, but you're missing the shiny spark all those brands you love have. What is that little bit of magic that makes you watch and read everything they put out? What makes you instantly recognise them as soon as your doom-scrolling comes to their post? Chances are, it's their brand imagery. The photographs and visuals they've purposely created to catch your attention in the millisecond your attention falls on their post.

These images don't happen by accident, marketers know you never have a second chance to make a first impression, and this impression needs to be repeated to create the kind of relationship where you buy from them instead of their competitors.

You don't have to be a multinational business to have brand imagery, in fact, anyone from a solopreneur working from their spare room, to businesses who have taken the leap into premises and beyond should consider what brand photography can do for their business.

So what exactly is Brand Photography and why do you need it?

Brand Photography is a purposeful set of professional images created to accurately reflect your brand identity.

They can include photographs of you, your team, your products and/or service, your processes, your environments, your life and details that uniquely tell the story of your brand.

These photographs are designed for marketing use, to enable business owners to grow brand awareness, stand out from the competition, attract ideal clients and ultimately make more sales.

Professional Brand Photographs are always unique to your brand, and uniquely yours.

Here's FIVE reasons you should consider investing in your own Brand Photography:

Visibility Baby!

Images of you and your business will really help you stand out from the crowd. Let your customers see who they're buying from or working with - People buy from people after all, not from pictures of your work van.

Tell your story!

Using stock images does absolutely nothing to help your potential clients get to know you. Images of you, your staff, your products, your process and even your pets will help your clients recognise your business and understand your personal mission and values. You'll be showing everyone what sets you apart from every other business - don't be afraid to showcase your YOUness!

Money Honey!

Weirdly, this is often the elephant in the room, but you're in business to make money or you'd be working for someone else (to make them money instead!). You'll be amazed at how professional photography can drive sales and increase your conversion rates online, and because you'll be using the same suite of brand images across all social media platforms you'll be driving even more customers to your website to convert - win win!

Saves you time - and who doesn't need that?

Having a suite of professional Brand Photographs on hand will save you HOURS of time scrolling through stock images trying to find something suitable. Just think how nice it would be to just dip into a folder of on-brand imagery perfect for your messages.

Because YOU'RE worth it!

Hell YES you are! You've worked hard to build your business and it's time everybody knew what a badass boss you are! Brand photography has an amazing ability to make you feel more professional, confident and in control of your business. Clients tell me they have more brand clarity after their photoshoot - and I'm here for that!

Are you ready for your turn in the spotlight?

Nicola Auckland Brand Photographer holds a camera up whilst looking straight to camera
Nicola Auckland Brand Photographer Lincolnshire


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