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NICOLA AUCKLAND Commercial photography
(A little bit)



I'm Nicola, and I'm so happy you found your way to my corner of the internet!

I'm a photographer, a businesswoman, and a self-proclaimed biscuit enthusiast (refer to No.07 Quick-Fire Fact below!). I’m also mum to two teenage boys and three attitude-fuelled Shih Tzus, so I’m used to chaos and crazy, …I try to keep my mum voice to a minimum at work!

I started climbing the professional ladder at the age of 17, working my way up from an office administrator to Operations Director, overseeing 600 staff and their departments.


When the opportunity arose for me to take redundancy during Covid, I knew it was time to follow my real passion and go full time with my photography business. The diversity of roles that I have experienced along the way have given me a unique skill set that has proven invaluable in my photography work.

My passion for documenting family milestones gave me a running start,

but my heart always brought me back to commercial settings and the incredible business owners that I meet.

I want to give you a way to celebrate you and what you have achieved!

I've seen so many amazing women being held back from their real potential because they're afraid of being visible.

NICOLA AUCKLAND Marketing photography.jpg

I've seen so many amazing women being held back from their real potential because they're afraid of being visible.

That's where I like to work my magic,

...empowering inspirational business owners like you to increase their visibility and really own their confidence.

I'm not your average photographer.

I don't just snap a few shots and send you on your way.

I work closely with my clients to understand their business goals and vision. With a mix of creativity and attention to detail, I help bring their brand to life.

NICOLA AUCKLAND Small business photography

When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me baking up a storm in the kitchen, chasing my kids and fluffy butts around the house, or indulging in my latest Netflix obsession.

Thanks for stopping by my happy place, and I can't wait to hear from you!
Things people may not know about me...

I’ve been with my husband since I was 13 years old, we’ve been married for 22 years.


I haven’t worked out what the secret is yet.

from the loveliest people


" Nicola did all the portrait and group shots of our large practice team. We are absolutely thrilled with the images which we are using on our website and social media. We've also printed out some images for our reception waiting room. Nicola was professional and helpful throughout . From the initial consultation, Nicola was able to bring to life what we wanted and spent time getting the images to perfection. We would fully recommend Nicola as a professional photographer. "


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