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Cakes By Zoe Lincoln

Zoe Campbell

Cakes By Zoe Lincoln

Zoe is a luxury bespoke cakes designer. Specialising in handcrafted florals & beautiful botanical designs.


To produce a set of brand photographs to reflect Zoe's passion for designing cakes featuring sugar crafted florals. They should show the real Zoe, at home in her kitchen and dining room where she does all of the hard work running her business, designing and making cakes, and meeting clients.


We decided to capture Zoe in her environment with a set of 'stock' images she can use in social media posts, as well as capture action shots of the baking and decorating stages of cake making. It was important to take pictures of Zoe making the beautiful sugar craft florals she's so skilled at creating, as well as the design process that goes into each and every cake.

Illustrating the client experience was also important so we created a set of images showing the consultation process each and every customer will go through to instruct their dream cake design. We finished with some showstopper images of wedding and occasion cakes Zoe had staged on cake stands for the photoshoot to finish off the bank of bespoke brand imagery.


Cakes By Zoe Lincoln now has a bank of unique images to pull from when creating any marketing collateral. These are recognisably Zoe's and will create a cohesive brand identity for all social channels when used in conjunction with her graphics and website.

Zoe Campbell
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