I'm Coming Out of Covid Hibernation for Outdoor Sessions (humans and pets!)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It's been a funny old time for photographers, our natural home in the middle of fizzing social events has been stripped away and unless we've diversified into stock photography or providing media content, we haven't really been able to do what we love with any great gusto.

As with everyone else, we are slowly uncoiling and stretching a tentative hand into a new and cautious Covid-19 existence. Photography studios have started to reopen with strict protocols and reduced capacity. We now wildly mime where client limbs should go, physically restraining ourselves from wandering over and bending reluctant elbows because we no longer can. There should have been a course on this kind of self-control!

Along with a few other brave souls, I am starting to take appointments again. Weddings are rebooking into 2021, and parties are being rolled over to later in 2020 when we have hope of meeting again. The diary is looking quite full for such a disrupted time.

I don't have a dedicated studio and can't come into your home, but I'm happy to start doing portrait sessions in situations where I am happy we can all stay safe - it's a great time to get those pet portraits done you've been meaning to organise for years!

It might still be too soon for you yet, but if you do book an appointment, this will be the new normal process (unless you're a dog!):

  • I will only book outdoor sessions in locations where we are able to social distance from each other and other members of the public.

  • I will only book sessions with members of the same household, or those you have chosen to be within your social bubble.

  • The day before your session I will ask you to confirm that neither you nor members of your party are showing symptoms of Coronavirus. I will confirm the same for you. If one of us is unsure, we will rebook the session.

  • Current Government guidelines on social distancing, PPE and sanitising hands will be observed.

If you'd like to book a session, you can do so on my website or by dropping me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

I look forward to social distancing with you soon.

Nicola x

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