Do I Need an Engagement Shoot? 9 Reasons You Should.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The Idea of an engagement, or pre-wedding photoshoot is always met with a mix of responses. Some people absolutely adore them, while others couldn’t think of anything worse. If I’m completely honest, before I became a photographer, I was the latter, but I’ve been 100% converted and I’m going to tell you why. Here, I’ll answer whether you NEED an engagement photoshoot & the reasons why I think you should consider one.

Your engagement should be celebrated – An engagement is an event in your life that deserves to be celebrated. You and your partner might only get engaged once, so take time out to celebrate this happy occasion together.

An engagement usually sparks so many celebrations with family and friends, but to make it extra special and a little different to the norm, a photoshoot experience is the perfect intimate gift to one another. And I guarantee you’ll love the photos just as much as you love your wedding album.

Great pre-wedding photos – You’ll never regret having beautiful, quality photographs to cherish. People book photoshoots for all occasions with their absolute favourite people, their family, their best friends, their children… but it’s still less common for couples to celebrate their love with a fun photo session and great quality photos to showcase around their home.

“We’re so happy to finally have some photos that we didn’t take ourselves” – Michelle (couples shoot)

There’s no ceremony – The engagement shoot isn’t a ceremony; it’s just spending time with the one you love (and me) in your favourite location. We don’t have to worry about vows, family, schedules, or who’s sat on what table, we’re just making memories. No pressure.

Often couples are concerned that they can’t or don’t like to pose, the good news is I won’t ask you to. I’ll probably give you a tiny bit of direction and while you have fun together I snap away! We can practice posing if you like or you can completely ignore the camera. It’s your session, your way.

Get to know your photographer – The most important one for me - it’s a ‘get to know you’ session. As a wedding photographer I like to find out as much as I can about my couples before the big day, the more we know, the more we can get the photos that capture you perfectly!

On your wedding day, you’re surrounded by people, usually sticking to a schedule and enjoying yourself. Getting to know your photographer away from this whirlwind of a day in an intimate session is a great opportunity. And when your wedding day comes it’ll be more like welcoming another friend.

And, if you’re really undecided, you could book multiple engagement shoots with different photographers to help you decide who is right for you, it’ll be worth the investment to make sure you’re 100% happy with your wedding photos.

Get comfortable posing – Whether you want all-natural images or a sequence of managed shots, chances are, you’ll want at least a couple of posed photos from your wedding. While a good photographer will make you feel completely at ease, an engagement photoshoot is good practice and a really easy way to help you learn how to feel comfortable posing together.

*Extra tip - After you receive your photos, take the time to tell your photographer which photos you liked and which you didn’t, and the reasons why. It’ll help your photographer to know your likes and dislikes for your wedding photography, and you’ll be more confident.

Use it on your stationary – Personalised invitations, save the date cards, web page, emails, decoration, place settings, keepsakes, thank you cards… the list is endless. Having beautiful photos of you both to use around your wedding showcases your love story perfectly and adds such a special element that you and your guests will love.

Surprise reveal – If you’re newly engaged you might be considering how to reveal your engagement to your family and friends. There are so many special ways to announce your news. Imagine having professional photographs to reveal your news to family and friends! Your engagement shoot gives you up to date images of you both, your engagement ring, and perfectly captures the emotions of the moment. Use your engagement photos to announce your wedding.

It’s fun! – Let’s face it, wedding planning can be stressful and, along with other everyday commitments and stresses, it can be easy to forget to relax. Taking some time out to have a fun photography session with your better half is a brilliant way to unwind and spend an afternoon in your favourite location. Forget everything else and focus on just being you, together.

Cost effective – When you’re booking your wedding, no matter how big or small, you will no doubt have a budget and try your best to stick to it. Adding the cost of an engagement shoot into this budget is something you should consider. When you book your Couples / engagement shoot with me and then you go on to book your wedding, the price of the engagement shoot is deducted from your selected wedding package, which makes it very cost effective.

So, you see, you don’t NEED an engagement photoshoot but there are so many good reasons why you should consider one. As a photographer, I value the bond that is made with my couples during these sessions, we all get a lot out of them and that’s why I include one in each of my wedding packages.

I’d always recommend speaking to your favourite photographers to see what they offer and what they’d recommend. It’s worth noting that if an engagement shoot is included in your wedding package and you don’t want to have one, it’s entirely your choice. But I’d definitely recommend that you consider one, it’s great practice.


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