Allington Manor Wedding - a micro wedding sneaking in before lockdown!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Sue Perry and Harvey Shelton married at Allington Manor on 30th December 2020, just hours before Tier 4 restrictions came into force to prevent their wedding taking place.

Sue and Harvey had originally planned to marry in June, but the national Coronavirus lockdown was in full force during that time so their plans had to be postponed. They didn't waiver under the threat of a new National Lockdown, and organised their wedding in a few short weeks to make sure they tied the knot in time.

Their day was magical despite the fact the Lincolnshire area was still under Tier 3 restrictions, there could only be 15 people present, and unfortunately there was no possibility of the planned Afternoon Tea, champagne reception or cake cutting, but it couldn't have been more intimate or special.

Sue and her three daughters got ready in The Lord's Room, one of the Manor's gorgeous character suites.

Just next door in the Lady's Room, Harvey was preparing for the ceremony with his best man and grappling with energetic twin boys, in complete contrast to the calm next door in the girls' room!

Charlie (Sue's eldest son) gave Sue away at the ceremony. I am always honoured to witness tiny moments of the wedding that others might not see - especially this heartwarming exchange between mother and son after he'd guided her to the front of the ceremony room - nobody else but Charlie and I would have seen this and it's one of my own stand out memories.

The wedding was attended by close family and two witnesses in the Manor's ceremony room, and afterwards, there was cake cutting at their home in Grantham. A perfectly cosy end to a beautifully intimate wedding.

Despite the scaled down nature of the wedding, the couple's local paper, The Grantham Journal, picked up on the news and ran a story to spread a bit of happiness as the country slipped back into tighter restrictions.

I wish Sue & Harvey Shelton every happiness in the future together.

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