10 Beautiful Summer Wedding Venues in Lincolnshire (Part2)

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Welcome to the second half of 10 beautiful summer wedding venues in Lincolnshire!

If you’ve navigated your way here from part 1, you’ll already know what it’s all about, but if not, I’ve compiled a list of 10 beautiful summer wedding venues in Lincolnshire to help you in your search for a wedding venue.

With a variety of sizes, atmospheres, colour schemes and scenery, there really is a place out there that’s perfect for everyone, whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, big or small… the possibilities are endless. Whatever you’re looking for, this list will catch your eye, or you will at least uncover something that inspires you.

If you’ve not checked out the first half, feel free to have a little look here: [10 beautiful summer wedding venues in Lincolnshire (Part1)]

1. Stubton Hall

Nestled in the quaint and friendly village of Stubton, Stubton Hall is truly a sight to behold. Located 7 miles south-east from Newark-on-Trent, it’s the idyllic setting for your special day.

With an abundance of green space and magnificent Georgian architecture, a wedding at Stubton Hall would bestow spacious and comfortable reception rooms that allow you to get the most out of your experience.

As well as being spacious, the interior is nothing short of breath-taking; the emphasis on the colour white undeniably encourages an upbeat and traditional atmosphere, so if you’re absolutely set on the idea of that traditional, grand, white wedding, this venue definitely caters for you – and even if you’re not, the beautiful scenery is bound to persuade you.

In addition to all of this, Stubton Hall is accessible and dog-friendly!

What more could you ask for?

Stubton Hall

2. Holme Pierrepont Hall

Holme Pierrepont is a small and delightful English hamlet, which lies 6 miles south-east of Nottingham and is home to my next venue: Holme Pierrepont Hall.

This venue stands out to me due to its rustic and romantic ambience, which is reflected in its subtle and natural lighting and plentiful greenery. Dating back to the Tudor period, the house offers multiple astonishing reception areas to accommodate for varying numbers of guests and some period-appropriate gems, such as paintings, all hidden in the heart of the countryside.

One of the most awe-inspiring features, however, just has to be the garden. It is teeming with the most gorgeous plants and flowers, which not only encourage a sense of serenity, but will also make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos!

You can book a tour here:

Holme Pierrepont Hall

3. The Chequers Inn

Located only 7 miles south-west of Grantham, The Chequers Inn can be found in the snug village of Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, along a quiet country lane.

This venue is smaller, meaning it is perfect for more intimate and tight-knit ceremonies. The Chequers Inn offers a homely, rural atmosphere, all whilst being simple and classy.

To add to this exquisite quality, they are well renowned for their food.

Imagine this – you’ve just exchanged vowels, everyone is overflowing with emotion, everyone is happy! You make your way to the reception where you can all gather and laugh over an exceptional, hot meal. To me, these kinds of moments are the epitome of good times with family and friends, giving a real sense of community. If you are not convinced, read any review, they will tell you!

Surrounded by nature, you will really feel connected to the countryside and it is completely captivating, enhancing the magic on your special day.

The Chequers Inn

4. Harlaxton Manor

The penultimate wedding venue on my list is none other than Harlaxton Manor. Less than 3 miles south-west of Grantham and 9 miles south-east of Bottesford, this Jacobethan manor with symmetrical baroque massing stands proud in the countryside, surrounded by blooming trees.

One amazing thing about Harlaxton Manor is the fact that it gives off an elegant, ‘straight out of a historical drama’ feel, which would make your wedding day that much more enchanting. Its gracious architecture couples with the vast and lush countryside surroundings extremely well, enhancing the pure magic of this venue.

The staff have a seemingly flawless reputation for flexibility, enthusiasm, a friendly nature, and they cater for a range of styles and tastes, so whatever you’re looking to put together can be arranged.

Harlaxton Manor also pride themselves on the high food standards set, meaning if you are a foodie too, this venue is definitely worth checking out!

Harlaxton Manor

5. Irnham Hall

Last, and certainly not least, is Irnham Hall (pictured above), a romantic and elegant location, based 16 miles south-east of Grantham and 21 miles north of Stamford.

If you live locally and you’ve never heard of Irnham Hall, you’re truly missing out. It’s got to be one of the most alluring and charming venues in the midlands. With a summer house and walled gardens, it’s filled with and surrounded by beautiful sceneries, of rich green grass and glittering water, demonstrating what a wedding in the country has to offer.

Inside, in the dining hall, the walls, tables, and ornaments are coloured white. This, partnered with the stream of natural lighting allowed in by the many windows, gives Irnham Hall a feeling of joy and virtue. Simply tranquil.

Another benefit to this venue is the fact that it’s pet friendly. Since it may be important to many people that their furry friends can come along, you can guarantee their attendance here!

Irnham Hall

I’m sad to say that this is the end of my summer wedding venues in Lincolnshire list!

It’s been a lovely experience to share my excitement about these great venues. I know I said it in the first part of this piece, but, if you are getting married in Lincolnshire, you really are spoilt for choice.

As a wedding photographer, I am lucky to regularly visit such beautiful locations!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, please let me know if you chose one of these locations as a wedding venue, or even visit for a spot of afternoon tea.

I would love to know!

Nicola X

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