10 Beautiful Summer Wedding Venues in Lincolnshire (Part1)

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you’re planning a beautiful summer wedding in Lincolnshire, you deserve to find the right wedding venue. A venue with the perfect selection of spaces for a variety of experiences you’ll share with all your favourite people. You might desire a stunning ceremonial room, an elegant hall for dining with your guests, a bright and shiny room so you can dance until your feet are sore, all cushioned by the comfort of a beautiful exterior where you and your guests can retreat and explore.

Outdoor spaces make for the most beautiful summer weddings and are crucial in creating a summer wedding day nirvana. It’s within these hand-picked spaces that new friends are made, acquaintances reforged, and great conversations are enjoyed.

Lincolnshire is a huge county, the second largest in terms of area in England. It’s famous for agriculture, a beautiful eastern coastline and an abundance of green spaces. If you’re looking for a beautiful summer wedding, you have chosen a great county to get married in – you’re spoilt for choice!

I’ve hand-picked the five venues below because they not only have beautiful indoor spaces, but those extra-special outdoor spaces that make a perfect summer wedding.

1. Stoke Rochford Hall

I’m starting big. Stoke Rochford Hall, stands just south of Grantham and it truly is a magnificent location for any occasion.

The orangery, in particular, provides the utmost grandeur, with light spilling through high-sided walls and ceilings. This not only lets in reams of natural light, but it casts the most beautiful shadow. Many of the ceremonial rooms within the hall boast impressive length, creating the perfect atmosphere for the key areas of the wedding ceremony and allowing more room for the guests when required.

The exterior of this building is eye-watering. I dare a guest to arrive and not pause to enjoy the hall’s scale and complex architectural composition. I’ve cut-to-the-chase and provided a link straight to the wedding gallery for your enjoyment.

Stoke Rochford Hall

2. Doddington Hall

If you’re from Lincolnshire hopefully you’ve heard of, and visited, Doddington Hall. It lies just a few miles to the West of the city of Lincoln and holds numerous interesting events throughout the year, most notably their annual Halloween show and pumpkin picking! It also has brilliant food available on site – their vegetarian breakfast and cakes are lovely.

So enough of this, what about weddings? Doddington Hall is a maze of splendid buildings and cottages which can all be hired in different combinations depending on your needs. I love some of the packages they offer including ‘Doddington and Us’ which is a small wedding package for a couple who want an intimate wedding!

The Doddington Hall website provides excellent information about the services offered. Prices, menus, room information and best of all their mind-blowing 3D tours – it’s worth checking out. *Hint, start with ‘The Coach House’ first, it is simpler and you’ll learn to navigate.

The link below will guide you to the Doddington Hall weddings page

Doddington Hall

3. Hollywell Hall

This was a novel find from a wedding planner I just discovered, and I’m really glad about it.

You know you’ve found somewhere beautiful when it’s used in film and TV location shooting. Hollywell Hall is a stunning place to spend time with your friends and family and it offers exclusivity so the entire estate can be enjoyed solely by your wedding party.

Hollywell offers multiple options for ceremony placement including the gardens, the garden terrace or in its private church, St Wilfrid’s.

The house itself feels a little more European in terms of design and has some lovely touches that are unique to an elaborate summer wedding venue. Great examples of this are the two luxury bowling lanes and the fabulous and intimate rounded bar.

Not as grand in scale as some venues, but possibly more stylish and intimate in some ways

Here’s their lovely Gallery!

Hollywell Hall

4. Buckminster Barn

Yes, when you say the word, ‘barn’ of course you’re already imagining hay bales and tractors and, in this case, your imagination is in luck.

Buckminster Barn is not licensed for ceremonies, however, just across the road St John the Baptist Church is! Many of the weddings at the barns take place at this lovely little church and then the wedding party crosses the road to celebrate.

The barn itself is a nice-sized room with good features but it’s the grounds that make this venue special. Hire of the Buckminster Barn can be upgraded to utilise Buckminster Lake and Park, and a marquee.

Take a look at the wedding page on the Buckminster Barns website and see how the charm of this combination of spaces seems to spill into nature. It looks as though the guests live within the park and that the wedding is meant to be there. It’s like a fairy tale.

Buckminster Barn - Wedding Page

They also have a quaint wedding video here

5. The William Cecil

Standing on the edge of the Burghley House estate near Stamford in the South of Lincolnshire, The William Cecil provides a picturesque wedding location.

With an excellent reputation for good food, and with interesting and luxurious rooms which are surpassed by just one thing - their love of dogs! It’s a lovely thing when a venue openly celebrates this - you can book a room and be supplied with a dog bed, bowls, and ‘special treats’ for your four-legged friend.

In terms of wedding offerings, The William Cecil caters to a range of budgets with small party offerings in addition to larger priced packages that include all the bells and whistles you would expect.

I love the garden pavilion at this venue, it’s a beautiful outdoor ceremonial space which is hugged by two large hedges, leading to a gorgeous alter.

The William Cecil

So, there we are, five great venues with beautiful outdoor spaces that are dreamy for wedding photographers like me to capture guests having one of the most memorable times of their lives.

If you’re on the search for your perfect Lincolnshire wedding venue, it’s a really tough decision, and you haven’t even seen part two yet! I hope this has helped bring you closer to your ideal summer wedding venue in Lincolnshire.

Come back soon for part two.

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