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Glorious Chocolate Brand Photography

Phil Bushell - Glorious Chocolate

Glorious Chocolate Brand Photography

Glorious Chocolate has recently rebranded and expanded its product range. To launch this new product there is a brand new website which needed new imagery. The owner and Chief Chocolatier, Phil Bushell also needed cohesive and consistent images to use in his communications with clients.


To create a gallery of images to show the chocolate's journey from creation to final packaging to the client. The images should be drool-worthy, eye-catching and really tell the story of the heart behind every bar.


Phil chose my SIGNATURE BRAND PHOTOSHOOT to capture his brand story as this fit his total marketing needs for the foreseeable future.

We set up our studio in his production kitchen and I photographed every stage of the production process from adding the delicious flavours to molten chocolate, to cooling the pools of glossy chocolate on trays. We then captured the process of breaking the slabs of chocolate into smaller bark, and packaging it for delivery to the lucky end consumer.

We also captured plenty of images of Phil involved in the process so his customers could be sure there was a real person behind the brand.


Phil now has a gallery of 150 images to use whenever he needs to post on social media, send an email campaign or write a blog. He can also use the images in any marketing collateral to potential commercial partners so they can easily get to know, like and trust him and Glorious Chocolate.

Phil Bushell - Glorious Chocolate
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